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Steve Thomas: Guestbook

alwyn velasquez

January 26, 2014

Light, airy and delightfully vibrant sounds backing your great voice. Hooked I will see you ate the next show. Videos would be great to see som,ewhere (great suggestion by Robert), Ciao!

Robert Goss

September 22, 2013

Second try. I did the wrong code!! Looks great. nice to see comments from folks from my other life.
Video from Outpost??

Robert Goss

September 22, 2013

Very snazzy. Great to read comments from Judy and Max!!
Is there the video from last Outpost gig you mentioned???
Actually did some "walking"/rolling in Central Sq. today.
see you soon.

Brianne Keith

May 10, 2011

Just stopping by, Steve. So glad to see you have a vibrant life outside of editing! :) Take care, B

karl eberth

November 13, 2010

HI Steve thanks for the CD's. I listened to the most recent one on my trip to Williamstown yesterday. I think I heard samba in the percission on the first cut - dieder et chocolat. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Karl

David Wilder

October 5, 2009


We found you.

David & Kathy

Marianne Orlando

June 11, 2009

This is a great Web site. I love the music and photographs. I see your talents are not limited to editing. Vacuum cleaners, elbow grease, and Warp speed Portuguese!!! Terminally witty.

Janet Young

November 1, 2007

Hi, Steve---

I'm turning 50 on Sunday, November 4, and would like to say something about your relevant song on my blog. Is there a clip available anywhere that I can send my readers to?

Thanks and best wishes,

Caitlynne Medrek

July 19, 2007

Hi Mr. Thomas!
I was just wondering if you are the same Steve Thomas that helped out with Norm Foster's lyrics and plays!?

Andrea Fischman

April 24, 2007

Glad you got your website up and running. Looks great! Hope to see you play next time I am in town.

All the best,

David Miller

December 6, 2006

Hi Steve -- it's only me, don't be concerned. What a comfortable, homelike place you have here! And now to order your new disc.

See you,



November 26, 2006

Love your sound! Great CD & the website is really a treat!!!
Oh, you also have great taste in women!!! Anne D'Amico

Judy McConkey Beeten

November 21, 2006

Damn! It's really you! Can hardly believe it after all these years - there's wonderful Steve, my old, good friend. I'm just so happy to find you and see you are thriving. I am happy on Cape Cod. Busier than ever and, well, just so happy to have found you and found you doing what you always wanted.

Max McConkey

November 21, 2006

Great website! Love the new CD. Just right: a taste of sensuous Brazil plus influences of Gil Evans, Ornette Coleman, Sheila Jordan ... maybe even Benny Goodman, although the last may be a stretch. Let us know the dates of the west coast tour. Keep it movin'. You da man!

Diane Amelia Read

November 20, 2006

Who did your website? I love the look of it! Great snaps in the photo gallery. Can't wait to hear your new tunes! Axé, my friend!

Karen Welling

October 22, 2006

Looks wonderful so far! Very witty (as always) and I like the photos page too. Good job on the bio.